What is the Real Estate Investment Association? 

The Real Estate Investment Association (REIA) was formed in 1987 by a group of entrepreneurial real estate professionals. The industry had just been decimated by the 1986 tax act and these professionals banded together to form an organization that would identify new business opportunities, share information that could benefit their survival and future growth, and promote networking that would not only provide introductions but lead to collaboration on new business ventures between members. REIA members not only survived but thrived.

Today, REIA continues its collaborative spirit through breakfast meetings focused on topics that are timely, relevant, and provide potential opportunities for many of its members.  In addition, case studies are presented each year that celebrate the success of a project and provide insights as to the lessons learned, so that everyone can understand the application to their own business.  REIA also holds several networking events in various locations to initiate, develop and enhance relationships amongst its members and guests.  Our goal is to build long lasting business relationships in a social setting, not just add to a contact manager, email list or LinkedIn.

If you value a real estate organization that focuses on middle market real estate businesses and places a high value on relationship building, with an end goal of enhancing and growing our businesses together, join us at one of our events and consider becoming a member.

Are You or a Team Member Age 32 or Younger?

REIA Emerging Leaders provides an outlet for real estate professionals age 32 or younger to leverage the benefits of REIA membership and gain exposure among industry leaders.  REIA Emerging Leaders are individuals who are highly ambitious and driven to distinguish themselves as true leaders in their respective fields.

As a REIA Emerging Leader, you will strengthen your career growth with the development of lasting REIA member relationships. This is accomplished through the CEN Program:

  • Career: create opportunities to grow your career through jobs, internships, and business transactions
  • Education: keep current on industry trends and develop new skills through our monthly programming
  • Networking: build relationships with professionals, peers, and mentors

Benefits to becoming a member of REIA Emerging Leaders include:

  • Discounted annual membership fees
  • Member pricing for all REIA events
  • Access to members only and Emerging Leaders events
  • Create a path for future REIA officers and directors
  • Interaction with REIA Directors and other experienced REIA members

Become a REIA Emerging Leader today and enjoy all of these benefits for a reduced membership fee of $75 per year.

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Alissa Adler, Managing Principal, Podolsky|Circle CORFAC International  "REIA has provided me with an opportunity to make new and valuable industry connections through their well-attended and informative events."

Sam Kahan, President, Kahan Consulting Ltd.  "REIA is a great organization for people in the real estate and financial markets. Its meetings provide information on critical developments in the industry. Interesting topics led by knowledgeable industry leaders give useful insights. There are many opportunities for networking and improving one's knowledge base."

Howard J. Powers II, General Counsel and Principal, Weitzman Realty Associates, L.L.C.         "I have found REIA to be my "go to" real estate organization for staying current with developing market trends, business development and networking.  With all of the demands on our time today, REIA monthly meetings and/or cocktail parties are convenient and efficient.  Keep up the great work REIA!"

Nick Ryan, Managing Director, Marquette Companies  "I have participated in REIA for many years and have built several strong business relationships and friendships over the years.  REIA also provides several informative real estate events throughout the year."

Donald B. Zimelis, Managing Director, NFP Property & Casualty Services, Inc.  "I have been a member of REIA and it’s predecessor, RESSI, for over 30 years. As an insurance professional who specializes in real estate insurance, REIA has provided me with tremendous insight and education on various real estate issues and trends. This has helped me have a keen understanding of the industry so that I can be more responsive to my client’s needs and issues."

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